Conversion And Call Tracking

In order to make the maximum profit from your marketing, you will need to know what is working and what isn’t – this is why conversion tracking is so essential. Smart marketers are acutely aware of where their conversions are coming from. For transactions and conversions that take place via your website’s sales funnel, conversion tracking using google adwords conversion tracking or similar technology is very effective. However, not every conversion will come through your website’s ecommerce or emarketing system – many people will simply dial your phone number.

Manually keeping track of the number of conversions you get via telephone is time consuming and, without call tracking, accurate attribution is all but impossible. When you have a multi channel marketing strategy that encompasses online and offline advertising, your telephone sales could be originating from any one of a number of sources. Therefore, every modern business needs internet and offline call tracking.

Zig Zag Call Tracking and Analytics

With our advanced call tracking and analytics service, you can quickly and efficiently identify where each conversion is coming from. This data allows you to optimize your marketing strategy across all channels, scaling up the most profitable forms of promotion and eliminating the non performers that are sapping your budget. If you are running google adwords PPC ads or an organic SEO campaign, we can even provide keyword call tracking that supplies accurate conversion data down to the individual keyword level, resulting in an unparalleled degree of granularity.

Available now:

  • Conversion tracking that records and attributes conversions to the correct online and offline referrers.
  • Call tracking that offers insights on where you telephone conversions originate from.
  • Keyword level call and conversion tracking to identify your most profitable organic SEO and paid search keywords.

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