Google Analytics

Web analytics can be enormously powerful for monitoring user behaviour and optimizing your traffic to get the most out of your digital marketing budget. We offer a full spectrum of web analytics services, from in page analytics and heatmaps to clickstream analysis. Google analytics is the most popular tool for 99% of our clients.

Google analytics provides:

Actionable insights on your website and advertising that enable you to make informed, data driven marketing decisions.
Full tracking of all conversions from all traffic sources, which allows you to increase the cost effectiveness of your digital marketing and eliminate non converting keywords, ads and landing pages.

When you use google analytics, you have access to a wealth of information that can help you to identify the highest converting pages on your site, as well as your most valuable sources of traffic. Winning organic and PPC keywords become apparent very quickly, allowing you to increase your focus on the areas of your campaigns that are delivering the best results.

More importantly, google analytics allows you to pinpoint pages that are performing poorly and keywords that aren’t leading to conversions. This data is essential for optimizing your digital marketing campaigns and improving your ROI.

The one disadvantage of google analytics is the sheer volume of data available – it can quickly become overwhelming. Monitoring the data from google analytics and acting on the insights it provides also requires skill and a significant time investment. This is where our google qualified analytics specialists can help you. We offer google analytics implementation, monitoring and optimization to make efficient, data driven decision making a reality for our clients. We don’t just provide data, we present it in a meaningful way and help you to profit from it.

We will help you to select the right key performance idicators ( KPIs ) and integrate google analytics with your website’s CMS ( content management system ) and conversion optimization programme. We also provide detailed google analytics reports, so that everything is fully documented for your own in house team to review.

Available now:

  • Set up of GATC ( google analytics tracking code ) on your webpages.
  • Visitor behaviour analysis, including time on site, in page analytics and bounce rates.
  • Google adwords integration and campaign tracking.
  • Sub and cross domain analytics.
  • Data segmentation.
  • Goal tracking and funnel optimization.
  • Easy to read custom reports.
  • Organic search traffic analysis.

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