Link Auditing

Link Auditing

If your website has been around for several years, or even months, it will have many links from a variety of different sites. Poor quality backlinks, with over optimized ( keyword heavy ) anchor text can drag your site down in the search engine results pages. If the links are from very low quality sites, especially those lacking in topical relevance, then you may be in danger of receiving a search engine penalty. Ironically, you may have even paid for link building services that could be now hurting your website’s ability to rank well.

Google regularly updates their search engine algorithms to ensure that websites with low quality backlinks are removed from the first page of the search engine results pages ( SERPs ). Every month, Google’s anti-spam team, headed by Matt Cutts, takes manual action against offending websites by sending out approximately 500,000 penalty notifications via google webmaster tools. Algorithmic penalties that come without notification are also highly detrimental to your rankings and can occur as a direct result of poor quality links.

As google’s stance against over optimized link building continues to get more aggressive with each iteration of their penguin algorithm, you simply must monitor the quality and quantity of your inbound links.

One of our key areas of expertise is evaluating backlinks. Our sophisticated backlink analysis technology allows us to identify problematic links. We specialise in:

Backlink audits to identify links that need to be edited, removed or disavowed.

Anchor text analysis to ensure that your keyword density is well balanced and natural.

Link auditing is a perfect compliment to our penguin friendly link building services, which deliver high organic search engine positioning without compromising your website’s adherence to google’s webmaster guidelines. And if your site has suffered of a result of toxic backlinks, we provide a full penalty recovery service – contact us for details.